Cooking and photography are different but equally consuming passions of mine. From my teenage years until now I have experimented with flavours, textures and ingredients – and the result? Different but interesting. I definitely don’t think cooking stops at the boundaries a recipe book puts down, and conventional ingredients certainly aren’t the only option. Fresh, vibrant flavours are just as fascinating as mellow, soft ones.

When it comes to photography, the same philosophy can be applied. Why present life in only one frame when we see so many different shades of the same object? Cookery and photography bring together the two things that make me happiest and so I try to take photographs that capture that happiness and make tastes that produce it too.

This blog will hopefully be a collection of recipes that combine traditional tastes with unconventional features, and I hope you’ll enjoy reading as much as I’ll enjoy concocting them!

Mysterious Smile by wojteq2

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